Questions about Pep Band

Q: Is the music difficult?

A: With the exception of a few pieces, most of the music is fairly easy. It is all pop music that is chosen by our student officers.

Q: Will there be conflicts with other activities and sports?

A: There are rarely conflicts with the Pep Band schedule and other school sports/activities. Summer practices are during the afternoon or evening. Once the school year begins, our main rehearsals are on Monday evenings.

Q: Do a lot of students perform in the Pep Band?

A: Yes. Last year’s Pep Band had nearly 70 students in it! Performing with this group is a great way to meet other students in high school. The school loves the Pep Band!

Q: Can I participate in a fall sport and also belong to Pep Band?

A: Yes. Many of the pep band members also participate in a fall sport.

Q: Do I receive varsity points or extra credit for belonging to pep band?

A: Yes, and yes. Pep Band members receive extra credit in their band/orchestra class. They also receive varsity points toward their Performing Arts Varsity Letter (20 pts. for football season, 10 pts. for basketball season).

Q: Do I have to be enrolled in band/orchestra class to participate in Pep Band?

A: Yes. Pep Band is an extension of the band/orchestra class curriculum (exceptions to this rule must be approved by Mr. Cleveland)

Top Ten Reasons to Join the North Pep Band

10. You get to hang out with Joey and Hope.
9. You get into all the football games for free.
8. You get to meet incredibly nice people like Becky and Keenan.
7. The music is totally awesome!!!
6. You will get to go to Big Boy with Mr. Cleveland, and the rest of your friends. 5. You may win something in the raffle.
4. We eat pizza with Josh and Shudane!
3. You will be bored if you don’t join.
2. You get to go to Cedar Point!!!!
1. You will have instant friends to hang out with at the football games.