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Becoming a Booster Volunteer

Each year we have various events and activities including Pops & Pastries, Bulb/Flower Sale, Homecoming Parade, Santa Parade, Pep Band Football & Basketball Games, Pit Orchestra, Orchestra Hall or Festival Trips, Cookie Dough Fundraisers and much more that are all designed to highlight the Band & Orchestra program and also raise funds for your individual student and the program. Volunteers are needed to help make all of this happen. Your help is always needed and in most cases takes very little commitment. We have a volunteer form that will help give you an idea of the various activities and tasks that occur each year. Please consider printing, completing and sending your form to Mr. Cleveland as a way to help support the Band & Orchestra program. Our organization does seek out volunteers for these various rolls BUT do not wait to be asked. Please contact Mr. Cleveland or one of our booster officers so we can help you decide where you can best serve. We also have Descriptions for many of our volunteer positions below that will help answer questions you may have. Please contact us to discuss any of these positions.

Becoming a Booster Officer
Our organization is coordinated by individuals who want have volunteered their time to plan and coordinate events & activities for the Band & Orchestra program. Our club has a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Board Officers. These people are parents like you who want to help make a difference for our students and our school. We seek out candidates for these roll each year BUT do not wait to be asked. Please contact our Booster President or Mr. Cleveland if you are interested in getting involved. They can help address questions you may have about the responsibilities and the roll our officers have within the Booster Club. Most of the volunteer positions & officer positions listed below are linked to documents that offer more information about their roll within the Booster organization. Please contact us to discuss any of these positions.

It takes the coordinated efforts of many dedicated people to run our successful Band & Orchestra program at North. Below is a list of areas where volunteer help is needed. Many of the items do not require a large time commitment. Whether you can only spare a few hours, or are willing to become even more involved, YOUR HELP IS ALWAYS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!

To volunteer, look over this form below and click on any of the links to view a document that will tell you more about this responsibility. When you can, please print the Booster Volunteer Form and place a check in the box to the right of the items you, or your spouse, are interested in helping with. Please either mail the form to Mr. Cleveland or have your student deliver it to Mr. Cleveland at school before class. THANK-YOU!!


Organize/Chair Refreshments
GPN-Booster-President (Current Board Members Only) Refreshment Sales (beverages & candy)
The Secretary
AT LARGE DIRECTORS Pep Band Coordinator
Serve pizza & pop before home football game
Board of Directors Help with band water cooler in football stands
Board of Directors Hot chocolate at Village Santa Parade
Board of Directors Check-in pep band uniforms at end of season
Board of Directors
All volunteers for Boosters Club board Help with refreshments for pit students
positions will be considered for nomination on a performance nght
by the nominating committee. All nominated candidates must be elected by a simple majority at the annual membership meeting.
Spring Flowering Bulb Sale
Band O Rama Citrus Sale
Organize/Chair Event Kroger Community Rewrds Coordinator
Refreshment Sales (beverage, candy, flowers) Boston Market
Event program Cookie Dough
Help anywhere needed for Band-O-Rama ladies Dress Coordinator
Strings-Extravaganza-2011-Report Photographer
Organize/Chair Event Band & Orchestra events to Publicity
Refreshment Sales (beveralges, candy, flowers) Webmaster
Event Program Senior Plaques
Help anywere needed for String Extravaganza ORCHESTRA HALL
Orchestra Hall Chaperone
PRE-FESTIVAL CONCERT Orchestra Hall Advertising
Event Program Orchestra-Hall-Program
HOLIDAY CONCERT for Parcells Students Help Mr. Cleveland check-in school loaned instruments after graduation ceremony or on last day of school
(at Parcells in Dec. during school in afternoon) I would like to support the program by donating funds, products or services
Chaperone on buses & during performance Call me to help wherever needed
Pops & Pastries